Concrete Number 9

Concrete number 9. 200mm high, 50mm thick, brass locator fixings, supplied with a paper template.


Making concrete letters and Concrete numbers has been a project we have been working on and off for a while now. We were not selling them because we could not find a concrete that was good enough and consistent enough  for what we were trying to achieve.

We have seen a number of other people selling small concrete letters cast from moulds you can purchase on the internet. Our characters tend to be a lot bigger and stronger. Our characters are made of concrete while most on the internet are in fact cement only based.

The finish of the letters is still a little industrial looking but we actually like it that way, a fine concrete finish looks a little false,as if they were made of some other material. We wanted the aggregate to occasionally show through.

There three fonts that seem to work well in concrete, Arial Bold, Impact and Rockwell Bold. Most fonts that have thin strokes don’t work very well in concrete although we did manage to make some Commercial Script letters using a concrete polymer resin, don’t want to that again as it took a long time to clean up and finish to a professional standard. We also had a nightmare trying to put fixings on the back of letters that have thin stokes to them. So we recommend only using thick sanserif fonts and Serif fonts that don’t have any thin strokes to them.

The weight of A concrete character is another issue to think about. A character in Impact font 200mm high by 50mm thick will weigh about 2.5kg. A character 300mm high by 50mm thick would probably weigh around 5.25kg. A character 600mm high by 50mm thick would weigh around 22kg per letter.

We have an online shop at where we sell concrete house numbers.