Concrete House Number 14 In Barge Font

We Make concrete house numbers from customers own artwork at no extra cost. How mad is that! Send us your artwork as a vector graphic as an eps file and we will be happy to reproduce it in concrete. But remember if the strokes of the characters are thin they will also be weak and fragile and will easily break. Concrete works best will bold fonts and designs.

Here is the number 14 a customer had made, they sent us a vector graphic and I think they used a font called Barge

I think you can buy it here

Here is an image of the finished result for the number 14 in the Barge font, 150mm high by 50mm thick. Do you like the cat?

Concrete takes days to cure and years to mature. The colour will change over time.

Numbers are supplied with brass stand off locator fixings. We also supply a paper template and if you are very very very lucky and we have them in stock you might even get zinc coated screws and wall plug included but only if we have them and it is not guaranteed! You probably will get them. Usually, not always.

Here is an image of a cute cat